DOHOD. Growth stocks. Russia

«DOHOD. Growth stocks. Russia» Open Unit Investment Fund of Market Financial Instruments

Target group

Investors interested in receiving a significant income at a sufficiently high degree of risk. Suitable for investors who have industry preferences in selecting investment targets, and appreciate the perspective of the electricity sector.

Investment object

The assets of the fund may be invested in common and preferred shares and bonds of Russian issuers and securities of foreign issuers, industries related to electricity, including those involved in the production, transmission, distribution, sale of electricity and heat, the operation of power plants, transmission lines and substations, manufacture of electrical machinery and electrical equipment.

List of companies related to the electric power industry is quite broad. Many companies have been created as a result of power sector reform in Russia.

Power sector, to date, is very attractive for investment. The ongoing reform of electric power today, improves the efficiency of the industry, to create conditions for development and investment promotion, to ensure reliable and uninterrupted power supply to consumers. The reform changes the structure of the industry: separation of natural monopoly (transmission, dispatching) from potentially competitive ones (production and distribution of electricity, repairs and service) features, and instead of vertically integrated companies that perform all these functions, structures responsible for specific activities are created. Generation, sales and repair companies will become mainly private and will compete with each other. Thus, the conditions for the development of a competitive electricity market, on which prices are not regulated by the state, but formed on the basis of supply and demand, and its members compete by lowering their costs.

Optimal period of investments

Above one year

Dynamics of the net asset value and share value

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  2018-11-19 2018-11-16 change
Fund’s net asset value (in RUR) 3 073 268.63 3 078 655.38  -0.17 %
Share value (in RUR) 1 055.50 1 057.35  -0.17 %

Date and time of publication: 2018-11-20 14:14:07
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Change of the estimated share value on 2018-10-31
3 months 6 months 1 year 3 years all time
 -0.87%  -2.75%  1.93%  127.31%  5.58 %

Date and time of publication: 2018-11-01 14:41:01
Information about the estimated share value change may not be available more than 9 months from the end of the period for which results are determined