Individual trust management

Known that successful investing in securities requires special knowledge, experience, analytical support and time. By trusting the management of your funds to professionals, you will greatly increase management efficiency, reduce your investment risk, save your own time. Clients who are ready to invest in the the stock market the sum from 1 million rubles, Asset Management Company "DOHOD" offers the service "Individual asset management."

We use three standard management strategies, and develop modifications to the individual needs of clients.

Conservative Strategy (Strategy for conservation of capital)

Investment purpose: Maintain the solvency of capitalin view of the ruble inflation. High reliability in maintaining the initial investment budget

The strategy is focused on getting some return above inflation, and is suitable for the preservation of savings to finance your planned costs the near future.

Conservative Strategy

       First tier bonds

       Second tier bonds

       Russian companies shares (part controlled by trading algorithms)

Balanced Strategy with the mechanism of conservation of capital

Investment purpose: The conservation and moderate capital growth. Earn a return that exceeds inflation by 1.5-2 times

The strategy involves buying shares, which increases the expected return but under unfavorable circumstances returns may be a null. The mechanism does not permit conservation of capital loss relatively receiving the initial investment amount. This strategy is suitable for investors wishing to increase their capital with moderate risk.

Balanced Strategy

       First tier bonds

       Second tier bonds

       Russian companies shares (part controlled by trading algorithms)

Aggressive strategy

Investment purpose: Growth of capital. Getting a high yield, much higher than the inflation rate and profitability of bank deposit.

The strategy developed to generate long-term savings for financing big expenses in the future (their children's education, buying property, forming a private pension fund, etc.) or for short-term speculative investment. Expected return on this strategy many times greater than inflation rate. The risk of loss in the short term is high, but in the long run, the most attractive stocks tend to increase.

Aggressive Strategy

       The most liquid shares of Russian market. Managing through a set of trading algorithms

       Stocks with the best growth prospects, selected on the basis of fundamental analysis

Risk and return

Investments in securities markets offer many advantages such as higher profitability, liquidity and the possibility of efficient use of capital in accordance with the wishes of the investor. However, choosing a a strategy is necessary to consider weighed the amount of risk that is always present in the stock market, with the objectives of your investment.


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