Mutual funds

Mutual Funds - is the most widespread tool in the world of collective investment in the securities market. Mutual Funds combine sets of shareholders funds. Asset management Company provides services of mutual funds management. By purchasing shares, even with no major accumulations investor gets an opportunity to earn in the stock market, as its assets are managed by experienced professionals.

Mutual funds managed by Asset Management Company "DOHOD"

Mutual investment funds Net asset value at 2017-06-21
Value per share at 2017-06-21
DOHOD – Equity Russia 4 257 285.62 1 754.23
DOHOD – Bond Russia 135 489.33 1 241.96
DOHOD – Balanced Fund 2 154 711.77 1 660.80
DOHOD – Equity MICEX Index 1 533 735.15 1 006.06
DOHOD – Equity Electric Power Industry 1 548 236.52 806.40
DOHOD – Equity Oil and Gas 707 354.85 1 123.19
DOHOD – Equity Banking and Finance 610 991.13 659.13
Closed-end Mutual fund of Real estate "DOHOD – New apartment" All data are available for Funds’ shareholders and other qualified investors only
Closed-end Mutual fund of Real estate "Capital"
Closed-end Venture Capital Mutual fund "DOHOD – Seed Investments"

Date and time of publication: 2017-06-22 12:59:40
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DOHOD Asset Management Company offers multi-branch banks and investment companies cooperation on a compensation basis consisting in acting as agents for selling, redemption and exchanging DOHOD mutual funds’ shares and nominees.